Homeschool Laws By State

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There are a lot of variations within the homeschool laws depending upon the state that you live in.  You need to know about your state’s laws before you start homeschooling.  So, the first thing that you should do is look into the rules and regulations where you live.

Liberal States

There are some states that don’t require any notice if you plan to homeschool.  You don’t even have to let them know what you are doing.  Just make sure that you homeschool your child for 180 days.  These include:

  • New Jersey

  • Connecticut

  • Michigan

  • Indiana

  • Illinois

  • Missouri

  • Oklahoma

  • Texas

  • Alaska

  • Idaho

Semi-Liberal States

Some states only want to know that you plan to homeschool your children.  Otherwise, there are no rules or regulations.  These include:

  • Delaware

  • Mississippi

  • Alabama

  • Kentucky

  • Wisconsin

  • Nebraska

  • New Mexico

  • Kansas

  • Arizona

  • Utah

  • California

  • Nevada

  • Wyoming

  • Montana

Slightly Strict States

You will find other states that not only want to know that your children are homeschooled but also will want them to be tested each year.  They include:

  • New Hampshire

  • Maine

  • Oregon

  • Washington

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Virginia

  • West Virginia

  • Hawaii

  • Ohio

  • Tennessee

  • Louisiana

  • Arizona

  • Maryland

  • District of Columbia

  • Iowa

  • Minnesota

  • South Dakota

  • Colorado

Very Strict States

Then there are some states that are really strict about homeschooling.  These states are:

  • Vermont

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • Rhode Island

  • Massachusetts

  • North Dakota.


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