Just Gotta Have the BlackBerry

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They say Chap Stick is the most addicting thing in America; well a new craze is coming to take over the addictive personality: the BlackBerry. The nickname, CrackBerry, is a perfect fit for this crazed-new technology.

Just talk to anyone who has a BlackBerry, and they will assure you they cannot live without their new handheld device. Some will say it has even changed their lives. I would not go that far, but there is a feeling of vulnerability when I do not have mine on me. 

Cell phones are becoming outdated now. To the older crowd, that statement may seem a little outrageous, as they are still getting used to the simple key pad and address book. But to the young crowd, “texting” has become a phenomenon on its own and requires a full keyboard. 

Emails are starting to become a must-have communication and if you have any sort of business/office job, your email could mean the difference of landing that big gig or falling quite short to the next guy. 

The BlackBerry has a feature to send your emails to your phone from multiple accounts. This is great for when people inquire as to why you are on your blackberry so much – you can tell them you are reading emails for work. 

Teachers have always said it is rude to read the newspaper in class, and it is impossible to bring such a bulky paper in without being seen. However, with a blackberry you can read all the newspapers on the internet right from your phone. It is easy to hide and you will not have to pay attention to your teachers again. 

Blackberry has even found a way to tie into your other main addiction: facebook. Whenever somebody writes on your wall, adds you as a friend, sends you a message, comments on a photo of you, etc. you will get a message sent right away to your BlackBerry. 

You will become so confident with your BlackBerry that you start to feel like you do not even need a computer anymore. Anybody can easily get in touch with you via text, phone, email, facebook, blackberry messenger or even AOL Instant Messenger. 

It is time for everybody to get into the new age and put those one-trick pony cell phones away and get a BlackBerry. You do not want to miss out. If you are too slow, you risk not being able to be contacted at all times, which could mean that next big job or promotion. Still don’t believe me? Ask our new president, Barack Obama, if he wants to give his up. 


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