Superstitions Revealed

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The Encarta Dictionary describes Superstition as an irrational belief. When talking with others, many of them believed in good/bad luck and superstitions so I decided to make a list of what they mean and my take on them.

1. Superstition says if you walk under a ladder you’ll have bad luck. I say if you walk under a ladder it’s because you weren’t paying attention.

2. Superstition says if your foot itches your going on a trip. I say that if your foot is itching you may have athlete’s foot and you should see a doctor.

3. Superstition says if your nose itches you’ll soon get in a fight. I say if your nose itches, maybe you have to sneeze.

4. Superstition says that it’s bad luck if you get out of bed with your left foot. I say that if you use your left foot you may trip but not necessarily have bad luck.

5. Superstition says if you organize your bedroom furniture, putting your bed facing north and south, you will have bad fortune. I say if you arrange your bed that way maybe your room is just too little.

6. Superstition says when a bell rings an angel gets their wings. I say that if a bell rings you may have someone waiting at your door or maybe you should pick up your phone.

7. Superstition says that if someone sweeps dirt over your feet you won’t ever get married. I say that if you have dirt swept on your feet you should move out of the way.

8. Superstition says that a bird in the house is a sign of death. I say that if you have a bird in the house your cat has a new playmate.

9. Superstition says that to prevent an un-welcomed guest from returning you should sweep out the room that they stayed in. I say that if you want to prevent them from returning don’t open the door when they come back.

10. Superstition says if your ear itches someone is talking about you. I say that if your ear itches you should clean them more often.

11. Superstition says it’s unlucky to spill salt. I say you’ll only have bad luck if you ignore it and let your wife clean it up.

12. Superstition says if you swallow a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow inside your tummy. I say that if you swallow a seed, you’ll probably only be gassy.

The next time something bad happens keep these explanations in mind and you may have a good laugh.


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