Practical Jokes

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I am blessed to be married to a man that has a wonderful sense of humor and my kids bring a smile to my face quite often as well. This is for all those that like to laugh and enjoy a good practical joke.

1. Shakers-I know this is an oldie but it still causes laughter. Not everyone add spices to their food when cooking, so having them on the table is quite common. Before the family gathers around the table for their meal unscrew the tops to the salt and pepper shakers. It is really funny and depending on the dish that you make, your kids may not mind if it isn’t their favorite. Please note: I don’t suggest doing this in a restaurant because it isn’t very nice to the other customers.

2. Sink Spray-I’m so happy that I haven’t been the victim of this one but what you do is wrap a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer. When the water is turned on it won’t come out of the faucet, it will come out of the sprayer. Whoever is in charge of kitchen duty that day will get a nice and refreshing surprise. It may even be appreciated if the weather is hot and humid.

3. Slippery Seat-This one is hilarious and although I’ve not seen it happen to any one, I have been the victim of it. Smooth on some petroleum jelly onto the toilet seat and whenever someone sits down, they may actually end up on the floor. Sure it’s messy but they’ll have the tooshy of a baby. This can also work on door knobs, telephones, and car doors.

4. Invisible Wall-I saw this one on America’s Funniest Home Videos and I laughed until my sides hurt. Hang or tape saran wrap on a commonly used doorway. Don’t use too much because it’ll be visible to those that may be coming through the door. Pull it tight enough to where you can bounce back from it but not too tight to where it’ll break. When someone tries to walk through the door they’ll hit the invisible wall.

5. Prickly Mat-We used this on my dad when we were kids. We had a long stairway and at the bottom we had a clear mat. On the bottom of the mat were sharp little points that held the mat onto the carpet. We would flip the mat over and when our dad would come running down the stairs (without shoes) he would step on the prickly mat. Not too painful but hilarious to say the least.

Whether you pull a prank on family, friends, or a coworker these are great and will bring a lot of laughter. Use them now or keep them in mind for April Fool’s Day, I guarantee it will be worth it.


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