Caylee Sunshine Doll

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Children have so many choices when it comes to entertainment. Video games, movies, music, and sports are usually what they opt for. Toy companies go to great lengths to produce and market new devices that will turn a profit. Some have good intentions but unfortunately some use poor judgment.

Three positive products which stand out in my mind are the X-Box 360, the WII, and the Playstation 3. However there is a new product that was scheduled to be launched on January 27, 2009. The product is called “The Caylee Sunshine Doll” which is made in memory of Caylee Anthony. The asking price for the doll is $29.99 and she is dressed in a “Sunshine Shirt” and blue jeans. There are also t-Shirts, awareness bracelets, and stickers for purchase, and the clothing ranges in size from youth to adult.

Caylee Anthony was reported missing in June of 2008 in Florida, and her remains were found December 11th of 2008, only 15 houses away from where the Anthony’s lived. Casey Anthony, which was Caylee’s mother, was indicted on October 14, 2008, for first degree murder.

Showbiz Productions claims that all proceeds from doll sales will go to charity and that they are not affiliated with Caylee’s family or the National Center for Missing and Exploited children. Their website claims that it is a tribute and a symbol of those that were taken from the world prematurely.

But does that really make their idea ok? The Anthony family still mourns the loss of this little girl and this situation would cause them more grief. Because of the company’s poor judgment to make this doll, the family now has to wrap their minds around this product development. According to the Boston Herald, Sunshine Productions suspended sales of the doll on January 28, 2009 after poor public reviews. Caylee’s grandparents were understandably relieved at the company pulling the doll. However the merchandise still appears on their web site and is an example of how money can cause a lack of compassion, consideration, and common sense.

Product ideas should be thought through, especially in a case like this. This beautiful little girl was taken unexpectedly and making a doll to turn a profit makes a mockery of her and those that were drastically affected by her death.

With Barbie, Brats, Hannah Montana, and other collectible children’s items, there is no need for another doll; especially one that doesn’t show empathy.






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