Fact or Fiction-Old Wives Tales

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Growing up with women gave me access to a lot of great advice, wisdom, and information that would help me through life’s struggles. There were however some things that always had me puzzled. And although I believed some of them, others were pretty ridiculous.

Here are the top 10 Old Wives Tales and their explanation.

1. Chicken Soup-When we’re sick our mothers always give us chicken soup and when we become mothers we also offer it to our own children. According to a study posted on Chest Journal there is something in chicken soup that helps mitigate the inflammatory response associated with colds and other upper respiratory infections. So chicken soup is good to have when we are sick.

2. You’ll Catch a Cold Outside-I think every mother has used this and even fathers have given their own opinions on the matter. If you go outside in the cold without a coat, gloves, or with wet hair, it will not cause you to catch a cold or virus. The only way to catch a cold is to come into direct contact with a virus. So regardless of the temperature or the dampness of a person’s hair it will not make a difference.

3. It’s a Boy or a Girl-If a mom to be carries her baby up high then the baby will be a girl and if the mother carries the baby low then the baby is a boy. I have to admit I believed this one when I was carrying both of my children. However, I had two boys and carried each of them differently. The reason that a mother carries a baby high may be because it’s the first pregnancy and if the baby is carried low it may be because it is the mother’s second or third.

4. An Apple a Day-According to the Cornell Daily Sun, apples have Phenolics that may reduce the risk of a person developing Alzheimer’s. So this one just might be true.

5. Chocolate and Acne-I think maybe this is one that parents use to keep kids from eating chocolate. Acne comes from the pores that are built up with dead skin cells and excess skin oil. So chocolate lovers as well as junk food junkies don’t have to worry about this being an issue. However a good diet should always be followed.

6. Wait an Hour Before Swimming-I’m guilty of this one and have used it in the past. According to the Red Cross, although they do suggest a person wait a while after getting into the water this usually only goes for people who have had a fatty meal and want to swim strenuously.

7. You’re Short Because You Drank Coffee-Even though it isn’t good for a child to have a large amount of caffeine in their diet, coffee won’t stunt their growth. Caffeine doesn’t allow calcium and nutrients to absorb in the body but whether it’s coffee that is the drink of choice or not, it will not make a difference.

8. Cats and Babies-When I was younger I heard many mothers say that a cat shouldn’t be near a baby when they sleep because they could steal the baby’s breath and the baby could die. Even though a baby shouldn’t be left alone with any animal for safety reasons, they won’t pass away. Cats are interested in the way a baby smells because they have milk on their mouths, not because they want to steal their breath and cause them to pass away.

9. T.V.-Watching too much television takes away time that kids can use exercising but it will not affect their vision nor will reading in dim light.

10. Swallowed Gum and 7 Years-When gum is chewed then swallowed, it looses its stickiness when in the stomach. However it can digest at the same rate as other foods do.

Not everything is good for us and there are some things that we have in our diets or participate in that aren’t a benefit. The wisdom from those that are older than us is good to have but it can be quite comical.





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