Homemade sticker book

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1. CHILD STEP: Have your child color and decorate both sides of the bag as they chose, using crayons, markers or paints. This really can be done either before or after punching out the holes.

2. ADULT STEP: After you gather all the supplies, place the bag horizontally with the opening on the right side and folded end underneath. From the top left edge, measure 1 inch down and a 1/2 inch in; mark and punch a hole. Do the same from the bottom left edge, measuring 1 inch up and 1/2 inch in; mark and punch hole

3. ADULT STEP: Now using the bag as a template, place another bag directly underneath and punch holes. Continue to do so with the rest of the bags.

4. ADULT STEP: Cut and glue or use double sided tape to secure pieces of wax paper to fit on both sides of the bag. You can either measure the bag and determine what size you would like the wax paper to be, or just eyeball it

5.  ADULT STEP: Cut two equal sized pieces of yarn, string or raffia and tie to bind the book Let your child delight in the fact that they helped make their own book they can continue to personalize with stickers!

6. OPTIONAL: If your child wants to store stickers or other mementos in the bags, punch a hole on the first and last bag’s open edge, about a 1/2 inch in. Tie on a piece of yarn, string or raffia. Tie the book closed tightly.


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