Financial Increase in Entertainment

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I’m amazed at all we can do with Cell Phones, Movies, Camcorders, and Video Game Systems. Every form of entertainment is at our fingertips. However not all families are able to keep up with the Jones’.

In today’s economy we are lucky if we’re able to take our families out to a nice restaurant or catch a movie at the local theater. Travel prices are skyrocketing, and professional sports game tickets are so pricey that your savings account has to be dipped into.

Cable, Video, and Entertainment companies are profiting off of our desire to keep up with the latest trends, which is frustrating because not all of us can afford it.

In February of this year all Analog television will be done away with and consumers will be forced to upgrade to digital T.V. Some people aren’t able to afford that additional cost just to have at home entertainment. Also Video game companies are cashing in on a child’s desire to have the “new” systems.

It’s frustrating that because of what companies are doing, it forces the consumer to spend more money. For example the Game Cube game system by Nintendo was, at a time, very popular with kids. It was expensive originally but gradually its cost was lowered. But now that there are new systems such as the X-Box 360, WII, and Playstation 3, all of the Game Cube games and hardware are being done away with.

Parents don’t always have the money to purchase these systems when they are first introduced, so they have to save money in order to do so at a later time. But when they finally are able to make a trip to the store, the game is no longer popular and now there is something new on the market. In addition to this, they can’t find any Game Cube games to purchase for their children because Nintendo is no longer making the games.

So as a society how do we change it? Is there anything that we can do as consumers to stand up for what is right? Unfortunately the answer to that question is no. We can’t force these companies to make more games, we can’t force cable companies to leave our home entertainment options the way they currently are, and we can’t force people to be happy and content with what they currently have.

If we would take a step back and see the value of a dollar, maybe we would be mindful of what we spend. The choice is up to us. Sure they can try to force us to purchase the latest and greatest things but it’s ultimately up to us as a society whether to do it or not.


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