Visit Holetown, Barbados

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What is now the town of Holetown on Barbados was the site of the first landing of English settlers on this island in 1625. It was originally called Jamestown in honor of the King of England at the time – James 1. The settlers had not originally planned to come to this island, but their ship was blown off course as they were on their way back to England from South America. As the population increased, the small channel, known as the Hole, was one where ships could easily be unloaded and cleaned. The many ships using this service led to the change in the name from Jamestown to Holetown.

There are many hotels and resorts located in close proximity to this town. Visitors love to attend the annual Holetown festival that highlights the history of the region with musical and dramatic performances and sales of arts and crafts. The historical parades that take place during the festival really bring the past to life before your eyes.

There are many tourist attractions situated within a mile of Holetown. The Folkestone Marine Park and Visitor Centre is just north of the town and is a water park where every member of the family will have an enjoyable day. Here you will find a museum and aquarium that provide elaborate glimpses into the underwater life of the island. For those who like to engage in scuba diving or snorkeling, there is an underwater trail in this park that takes you around a reef. However, if you prefer not to see the sights firsthand, you can take a tour in a glass-bottomed boat.

Visit St. James Parish Church in Holetown, which is the oldest church on the island. It dates back to 1628 and is on a parcel of consecrated land that has the nickname of “God’s Acre”. Many of the original settlers are buried in the graveyard on the site. The church still has the original bell that is engraved with the date 1696 and the words “God Bless King William”.

Browse the finest pieces of art in the Caribbean when you visit Tides Art Gallery. This gallery is located in the Tides Restaurant, a focal dining venue in Holetown. No matter how many times you visit here you will always see something different as the exhibits change on a monthly basis.

Make Holetown one of your destinations the next time you choose to visit Barbados.


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