Should You Go to Prom? How to Decide

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Deciding if you should go to prom is a personal decision. No one can tell you if you should go or not. Your choice will be based on several factors, including your social status, attitudes and level of self-confidence. Here are some bits of wisdom to help you in your decision.

Prom is Kinda Lame

High School is a strange place. You will never experience this odd pecking order again in your life. Some social groups can make others feel inferior and unwanted. The prom itself is over-hyped, overpriced and overrated. It is only a bunch of kids dressing up, practicing what it feels like to be a grown up, and trying not to look too stupid while they dance.

Still, there are many people who remember prom fondly, despite it being a let down. Some people are still glad they went, even when the night was an absolute disaster, just to experience the event.

Can’t Get a Date

Having a date is not a precondition to attending prom. You can always go with a friend. If you are brave, you can go stag. You never know whom you might meet this way. If you do have a date, make sure he is someone whose company you will enjoy. A sour relationship will spoil any chance of you having fun.

Look Ahead to College

Remember, there will be many opportunities for social dances in college if you join a sorority. Most people will tell you they had more fun at college events than they ever had at a high school dance. Skipping prom will also save you hundreds of dollars on things like a dress, a limo, hair, and nails. You can use that money to take a summer trip before you go away to college. Your memories from the trip will be much more fulfilling and special than prom night.


Drugs and alcohol are an unfortunate danger prom night. Some teens will decide to get together for an “anti-prom”, a day of outdoor activities, instead of risking the road with a bunch of out of control prom-goers. You could also skip prom altogether and just attend the after prom activities that your friends are attending. Be sure to use extra caution driving on prom night, since there are many teens on the road who are too drunk or high to drive.

Just Be You

The most important factor in considering prom night is what makes you happy. Do you like dances? Do you only feel pressure to go because your friends are going? You are not your friends. You are you. Celebrate that!


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