Longdistance & Next Door Dating Experience

Hello all, my name is Taylor. For the past years I have experienced many different dating relationships from long distance to right next door. I believe finding your love or someone you can care about is very important now days. Especially if your to the age where you believe that your “ready”. I have also seen many different kinds of relationships such as the two couple are argueing a lot, don’t agree on anything, and never really talk to eachother. These are the kinds of relationships you want to avoid. Why? well, those kind of dating relationships seem to never work out in the end or they just don’t know what to do.

In my own experience, I believe long distance relationships were great, this was of course when I was younger and a lot more shy. The reason I thought long distance relationships were good is because I felt I could express myself and was actually alone with my girl friend more. So, means I wouldn’t have to express my feelings to her in public, because I was really shy then. It was the best thing I could have ever done I thought to myself. Yet, in the end, it came out bad when we started to disagree on certain things. So we ended breaking up after almost being together for a year.

Now for my next door relationship, she was also the shy type, so when my step brother and her friend were there, we really didn’t say much but actually used her phone to talk to eachother. I felt that the relationship wasn’t really going to go anywhere because I could really never be alone with her. Her father asked for my home phone number and cell. She always had a friend come with her when we went somewhere. So I felt too shy to even act. This ended within two days because she started dating another guy and never told me about him. So we never spoke to eachother again.

Which relationship do you believe is better in your own opinion? I believe the online dating one because you can interact and express yourself without being really shy. That and even if she had friends over, I wouldn’t be 100% shy. Also, even after we broke up, we still talk to each other to the present day. So tell me, whats your opinion on long distance and next door dating?

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