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ESP is a company that needs no introduction. With regards to guitar makers, they are legendary. Should you be considering on getting a guitar for yourself, your kids, or your friends, an ESP guitar could be the best option.


The company gained acclaim early on as leading metal bands in the 1980s, like Slayer and Metallica, began endorsing their products. Their counterparts in Japan, where the company was first founded, also promoted ESP by playing their instruments.

ESP (Electric Sound Products) is found in North Hollywood, though it was started in Shibuya, Tokyo. Founded in 1975, it began mostly as a provider of guitar part replacements. They gained recognition for the high quality of their work and quickly began creating their own guitars.

One reason ESP is so popular is they were the primary to offer customized guitars. You can find your guitar according to your unique specifications, and the quality of your specially designed guitar will be superior to the Original series. There is so much flexibility, you do not need first an existing guitar, but design it from scratch.

These guitars can be ordered through ESP USA, though they are manufactured in Japan. Compared to most guitars, customized versions are typically more expensive (though it depends on your specifications). However, most people are happy to pay a little additional expense in order to get a unique instrument designed according to their unique tastes.

Another great advantage ESP offers is their Artist series. Also called the Signature series, the guitars in this group are mass produced replicas of celebrities’ personal guitars. If you’ve ever wanted to own the guitar of your idol, now you can get one just like it through the ESP Artist series.

For high quality guitars and added bonuses like customizing and ordering the personal guitars of your idols, ESP is the place to go.


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