Real Families VS The Bradys

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“Here’s the story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls”. Yep, you know the rest, the ever popular family sitcom, “The Brady Bunch”. As a child I never missed an episode and as an adult I’ve watched it in syndication.

The family was so cute and the way they bonded was great. Everyone was beautiful, the parents were easy going, the kids respectful, and the maid…she was the sweetest and most helpful person in the world. Unfortunately “The Brady’s” don’t accurately depict a real blended family. In real life, there are struggles that aren’t shown on the family show. Yes it’s a form of entertainment and an escape from reality, but it is misleading to children and even adults.

Let’s start with Carol who is the biological mother of the girls. She was always put together perfectly. Never did she have a bad hair day nor was her make-up smeared. She was even tempered and was slow to anger. I’m not sure about you but I have days that I want to scream and my appearance would make people run away.

Mike……ahh Mike. He has the most perfect job that allows him to stay home with his wonderful wife. He even designed the house they live in. He too is slow tempered and if he does get his feathers ruffled, you’d never know it. When a child needs discipline he never raises his voice but only lowers his head and they talk about it.

Alice… oh poor Alice; she takes care of eight people which would make any one tired, but she does it without complaint. As she watches Mrs. Brady sip coffee, she starts making dinner in between loading the washing machine and feeding the dog.

Greg-Greg wears the “grooviest” clothes and gets all the girls. His biggest dilemma is who to take to the dance.

Marcia-She is the “the most beautiful, teenager that was ever put on the earth”. Her biggest problem is what day she’ll wash her hair. Oh, and what boy she’ll let take her to the dance.

Peter-Peter’s problem isn’t what he wears but what comes out of his mouth. Puberty caused him to sound like a little girl and then a man, all in a matter of 3 seconds. But he can do no wrong because he’s cute and popular with the girls.

Jan-Poor, poor, Jan. She is the only one out of the 6 kids that seems to have something valid to complain about. She has to live in the shadow of her perfect sister and dons a mouth full of metal (and don’t forget the head gear). Not many eyes glance her way and she is the awkward middle child. Her problems are the closest thing to reality in the whole show.

Bobby-Yes he’s goofy, can be corny, and not as cute as his brothers but he’s a good kid that listens to his parents.

Cindy- She has got to be the most perfect child in the world. She has it all, she’s cute, sweet, she looks angelic, and is so well behaved she makes a nun look bad. She follows the rules, responds to discipline (like she really needs any), and she made the lisp a cute thing to have.

And last but not least, Tiger. This dog never bit anyone or never ate food off the table (from what I recall). Actually he wasn’t around a whole lot nor did anyone ever pick up his “you know what” off the backyard grass.

In the real world there isn’t such a thing as a perfect family. Kids do act up and parents do loose their tempers. It’s part of being human. When blending two families to make one, it can be very challenging. Personalities clash and each parent disciplines differently. However, if there wasn’t conflict there wouldn’t be an appreciation for the good times, and if there weren’t problems, there wouldn’t be an appreciation for the times that are problem free. Although families tend to relate more to “The Simpson’s”, it’s fun to be entertained by “The Brady’s”.


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