10 Stress, Loneliness, Depression, Happiness, And Wellness Facts You Should Know About

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10 Stress, Loneliness, Depression, Happiness, and Wellness Facts You Should Know About

1. You can be happier. You can improve your sex life by wearing pumps. Wearing two-inch high heels often contracts and strengthens your pelvic muscles therefore enhancing sexual arousal, as studies show.

2. You can alleviate loneliness and depression aside from socializing. Take some time to spend with a pet or a beloved significant object like a car. They generate in you a sense of connection.

3. You can chase the blues with meditation and yoga. Regular one-hour practice especially wards off depression. It’s proven better than just reading quietly.

4. You can ease stress and prevent heart attack by just owning a cat. Pet cats have special anxiety easing powers – works magic the same as meditation does.

5. You could be vulnerable to HPV if you’re too stressed. Stress has been studied to lower your immunity to the humanpapillomavirus. And note that HPV is also linked to cervical cancer, so stop your stress.

6. You can feel soothed through eye contact. If you’re agitated, upset, or distraught, speak with another person and have him look into your eyes. Have him hold your gaze. It almost feels good as being hugged!

7. You could get tired just watching someone do his task. Watching someone do an office task could send your brain signals as if you’re doing the job yourself. This can slow you down, so focus on your own work.

8. It’s bad to stay up all night thinking about an ethical dilemma. Instead of being able to come up with a solution, you’re rather compromising your ability for moral judgment instead. Get sufficient zzz’s before thinking things through.

9. You can think more by being in the right space. If you’re seeking inspiration, try being inside a room with very high ceilings. It promotes abstract thinking.

10. You can get the best ideas in the shower or on the treadmill. Letting your mind wander this way loosens your mind to create more ideas or solve a problem naturally. If you just stop focusing intensely, then you might just get that aha moment.

There you go – my compilation of Stress, Loneliness, Depression, Happiness, and Wellness facts. Very interesting.

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