Google Searching Made Fun.

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Once i asked one of my good friend, “how do you spend your day in front of the computer”. His answer to me was google search. Now here was a guy who google searched when most of the world is engaged in chatting and social sites such as facebook, Orkut, twitter etc..,

Here are some way to specify one’s search :

1. To check time in any place in world type time and name of the city
example: time Thimphu
The first result of the search will be :
12:24pm Wednesday (BTT) – Time in Thimphu, Bhutan
followed by other results.

2. check schedules or scores of a league matches or team type league name or team name into the box.
example : EPL
The first result of the search will be :
Next game: Arsenal vs. Bolton, 7 Jan 1:15am
followed by other results.

3. If in middle of surfing the internet, say u got to do some mathematial calculation then you can simply type the expression on the search box followed by a equal sign.
example: 0.25((6%*500)/5)=
the first result will be

0.25 * (((6%) * 500) / 5) = 1.5

4. convert various units of measurements to another as given below
example : 1000 cc in l
the result will be

1000 cc = 1 l

5. find unemployment rate or population by typing “unemployment rate” or “population” followed by the name of the country.
example : unemployment rate Bhutan
the first result is
BhutanUnemployment Rate: 2.5% (2004) According to
6. To search for definition of words type word followed by : and the word. Do not use space in between.
example define:metamorphosis

search results will be all definitions.

6. Searching for url content is done as whow below:


allinurl is used here to search for url content.

Google is a powerful to at todays age.  it has come up with image search also.  One can go to and upload a image.  Google will search for you similar images.  I have used it many time and it works great. 

Google map is another great application that i like.  I use it to travel to new places.  One define source and destionation location and the get the distance, time and also mode of travel for various location.  In US google street view has eased traveiling even more.  I heard in news that google is planing to develop street view for bangalore also.  Good news for all bangalorians.

Have fun goggling…..!!! 🙂


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