Talambuhay Tagalog

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Today a lot of students are looking for talambuhay tagalong means – biography in Tagalog

The most common name or keyword that are being research for the term talambuhay tagalog  ni  Jose Rizal. Why because Jose Rizal is Filipino National Heroes. So most students in elementary from grade 3 to grade 6 also high school students from first year until fourth year are also looking for the information about the Biography of Jose Rizal  translated in tagalog.

Also famous Filipino artist, celebrities, politician, historian are being search. According to google keyword talambuhay ni have 246,000 search queries per month. But this search queries will drop when there is no class like the month of December, march, april and may.

And this keyword talambuhay ni will pick up again in June or July which is the start of class in the Philippines.

Famous people that are being search with this related keyword

Talambuhay ni Corazon Aquino – first female president of the Philippines wife of Ninoy Aquino
                         Liwayway Arceo
                         Elpidio Quirino
                         Manuel Roxas – Former president of the Philippines
                     Manny Villar – Presidential candidate 2010
                     Elpidio Quirino – Former President of the Philippines
                     Mirriam Santiago – Philippine Senator
                     Rufino alejandro
                     Melchora Aquino – Filipina heroes


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