Add a Comment Box to your MySpace Profile

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This is a step-by-step guide to adding a comment box to your MySpace page. Comment boxes are great ways for your friends and families to leave you notes/images/videos. They are very customizable and user friendly! A great addition to your MySpace page.

Sign onto your MySpace Account. You should be at your home page. You’ll see “Hello,[your display name]”. Underneath that, you will see “My URL”, make sure you’ve already set up your MySpace URL link. Note this URL, you will need it later.

Click on PROFILE on the top area, and choose EDIT PROFILE from the drop down menu. This is where you will imput the HTML codes for your comment box.

Click on  Comment Box Generator. It shows a preview of what your comment box looks like.
1. MySpace URL: This is where you input your MySpace URL as talked about on Instruction #1.
2. Box Properties : Choose the size, color, and border.
3. Text Properties: This is if you want to show text displayed IN YOUR comment box.
4. Button Properties: Choose the style for your Submit/Reset button.
5. Click GENERATE at the bottom.

It generates the code for the exact comment box that you wanted. Copy and paste that on the EDIT PROFILE page. You can either put it under “About me” or “Who I’d Like to Meet” and hit “Save Changes” on top.

Now, click on “View My Profile” on the Upper right hand side, and VIOLA!


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