Clear Out Your Closet And Discover a Whole New Wardrobe

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Autumn is fast approaching and many of us will be hitting the stores to shop for the new season’s must haves.  Instead of cramming your new purchases into overflowing cupboards why not spend a day re-organising your personal space..  Before you start, it would be a good idea to invest in the following storage solutions:

Good quality hangers for jackets and blouses

Clip hangers for skirts and trousers

A belt hanger

A shoe rack you can add to or clear plastic shoe boxes

Plastic drawer dividers – invaluable for storing socks and hosiery neatly

Scented drawer liners, sachets and cedar blocks

Unde bed storage boxes for out of season clothes

All the above can be purchased from shops that specialise in storage solutions, department stores and homeware stores,

Now you’re ready to begin.  Firstly,empty your cupboards and dust the shelves and vacuum the floor.  Do the same with drawers and then line them with your newly purchased drawer liners.

Now it’s time to get ruthless.   You will need to sort all your clothes into three piles:

clothes to keep, clothes to ditch and clothes that need altering, professional cleaning or repairing.

Take one item at a time and decide which pile it goes in.  Do you love it and does it love you?  Be honest even if you can visualise yourself having virtually nothing to wear at the end of the day.  It’s better to have one good quality jacket that fits like a dream rather than half a dozen that pull at every seam and are in colours that don’t suit you.  Own up to your mistakes.  We all make them.   Ditch anything out of date, washed out and ill-fitting.  It’s also a good idea to get rid of anything you haven’t worn for the past two years.  Chances are you won’t be wearing it for the next two years either.  Some of the items you want to throw away may be good enough to be welcomed at the local charity shop so bag these up and put them by the front door. 

Now you’re ready to put the ‘to keep’ pile back in your closet.  Use your new hangers and group clothes together, i.e. jackets, blouses, skirts etc.  Then group them by colour.  This will really help you to see all your clothes properly everytime you open the door.

Move on to your shoes and boots.  Line them up in pairs and go through each pair deciding what to keep, throw out or any that need attention such as re-heeling.  Before putting them back polish first and use trees to prolong the shape. 

Hang your belts on the belt hanger or bang some hooks into the closet door.

Discard grey, dingy underwear and any bras that have lost their support and book a bra fitting appointment.  This is the best thing you can do for your figure.  A bra that doesn’t fit well doesn’t do you any favours.

Line up bags and purses and stuff them with old newspaper.  At the same time, ask yourself how many day bags you could possibly need and consider trimming down your collection.   

Pick up your ‘repair’ pile and tackle any missing buttons and dropped hems.  Put items that need dry cleaning by the door.

Now you can stand back and admire your hard work.  Make a note of anything you might need after your mammoth clear-out,  perhaps a new skirt, coat or even a silk scarf and pencil in a day’s retail therapy soon.  You deserve it!


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