How to Expand Business With Paying Social Network

Yes, I have met up with many old friends through My Space and Facebook. I still check in at Facebook every day to keep up with friends and relatives.

However, my favorite social network has become a site called Sidetick. At Sidetick, I can not only see friends, but I can blog, share photos, drop comments, join supportive groups that expand my business efforts and my knowledge — and beyond the fun, I’m getting paid for it. Just for opening one daily message and responding to an admin’s blog I earn money, and that is just a small part of Sidetick’s earning capacity.

At Sidetick, you earn a dollar for signing up, a dollar for each new member joining with your link, additional money for their signups and funds for each page you visit and every action you take. Sidetick also features a “wall” of offers, many of them free, which you can earn from, including daily survey opportunities.

I have begun a responsive group of those of us who have blogs that has added to my Sidetick, and this has resulted in a huge response to my incentived Blogspot blog. A group at Sidetick for Associated Content writers has similarly expanded my followers and views for Associated Content articles. Everyone is adding Add This extensions to their browsers and we are all helping each other’s exposure due to the supportive friendships made at Sidetick.

Anyone can start a group at Sidetick to expand their business and increase their page views no matter what their online efforts might be. The response I’ve noticed has been amazing!

In short, I highly recommend any online businessperson join Sidetick, and I recommend it as well to those who are just seeking warm friendships or a creative outlet.

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