Tom Welling – The Clark Kent Of Today

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The American actor, director, producer, and former model were born on April 26, 1977. As a high school athlete, he initially worked in construction until he got into modeling in 1998. He modeled men’s clothing for a number of different popular brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch before jumping into television rather smoothly in 2000.

He decided to pursue acting because he ultimately wanted to express a range of emotions. His first major acting role was a karate teacher on the CBS series Judging Amy. While he was originally signed for just three episodes, fans raved about the young actor who kept him on for another three episodes.

Welling’s big break came when he was cased in the television series Smallville to portray Clark Kent. The pilot episode aired in October 2001 and instantly became a hit as it was the highest-rated debut for The WB with 8.4 million viewers. Surprisingly, Welling actually turned down the lead role twice before eventually accepting the job. He said he was originally not a Superman fan.

With the success from the show, Welling was named one of People magazine’s “Breakthrough Stars of 200.” In addition, he won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Breakout Star (Male)” in 2002. The success from the show has continued for many years as he won another Teen Choice Award in August of 2009 for “Choice TV Actor (Action Adventure)” in Smallville.

The Smallville with its memorable soundtrack is undoubtedly what he is most known for, but he has been in other roles as well. Some of his other roles include Cheaper by the Dozen, the sequel of the movie, and the 2005 remake of The Fog. He has also worked behind the camera as an executive producer and director on some pieces.

Today, Welling is married to model Jamie White, who he tied the knot within 2002. They currently reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where it allows for him to stay out of the public’s eye, for the most part. The humble actor has been quoted as saying “I don’t want to be a celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity. I wanna work and then go home and live in private.” But with his track record on Smallville, a well-known celebrity is just what he has become.


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