Will The Cult of Celebrity Ever Die?

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TV shows like Big Brother, America (Britain)’s  got talent, the X-factor etc have a massive amount to an answer for. In an age when instant gratification and feedback are the expected norms, they are perceived as ways to take shortcuts and to become rich and famous. They have led to the evolution of class of celebrity known as the nonebrity – people famous for merely being famous – people who do nothing, but become rich for so doing.

These shows and the success of the participants are providing a generation of bored children and teenager with an aspiration and a career path that just could not have been believed 20 or 30 years ago.

Of course Andy Warhol predicted 15 minutes of fame for everyone, but I don’t think the current situation is what was envisioned – moguls manipulating talented and non-talented (Jedward anyone?) acts, milking them for every penny the foolish public will spend and then jettisoning them when their usefulness  has passed.

As a society we must rail against this – the only winners are the TV and record companies and a mere handful of genuinely talented contestants who could realistically have achieved success with greater dignity if they had been willing to pursue more traditional routes.

Please let the madness stop.


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