How to Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7

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In this tutorial I will show you how to make windows XP look like Windows 7 without changing to windows  7 so you will save money $ =).
Disclaimer: – I did not create any of this file and I don’t support them, but all of them are tested to be virus free. Keep in mind that installing extra programs on your computer has the potential to slow down your computer. So please set a system restores point before installing any of these programs so that you can restore your computer if necessary

Step 1: All we will need is a folder contain this following files
– Win7 theme
– Taskbar shuffle
– Aero snap
– Drive icon
Download link: Xp look like Windows

Step 2: Open win7 theme then extract it open “Theme “and run it then apply the theme and you will see that the background was changed to win7 default background, Open Styler Toolbar and install “First install me” then run “Then run me “ 🙂 there is extra files that you can install it but I won’t talk about it in this tutorial

Step 3: open “iconized taskbar Hack” and double click on install then yes

Step 3 : in the tray section you will see styler icon double click on it, click on themes choose win7 style then choose Toolbar tab and choose the win 7 style  

Step 3: install Taskbar shuffle

Step 4: install Drive icon it will show you the free space under the partition icon like windows 7

Step 5: Reboot your computer  


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