Ten Lies About Yourself Which Can Cause Social Pressure And Upset Your Spiritual Balance

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Do you wake up in the morning with a tight knot of anxiety in your stomach which prevents you from maximising on the benefits of your walk of faith? There is a good reason for this: it´s called social pressure. What do we mean by social pressure and why is it such a source of discontent?

Society, which is different from community, is that which is on the outside of your life and which influences everything you do; it consists of such things as family, friends, media, other people´s opinion, fashion, and the economy. When John said “Love not what is in the world” (1 John 2.13) I think he was referring to society. But what is it that is so bad about it which even the apostles of Jesus found necessary to warn against?

Society, as we know it today, survives by propagating certain lies. Consider the following list of things society tells you about yourself every day:

1) You are not earning enough

2) You are not good enough at what you do

3) You are not good looking enough

4) The car you drive is not nice enough or you do not own enough clothes or the right clothes

5) Your house is not big enough or well furnished enough

6) Unless you do what society tells you you will end up poor and destitute

7) War is a necessary part of life

8) Look after number one, yourself, because everyone else is doing the same

9) The main thing in your life is your ambition

10) There is nothing to look forward to except the next thing you buy

Isn´t it strange that each and every one of the above, necessary staples of today´s modern world, go against the principles taught by Christ? Yet Christ´s teachings offer the promise of heaven. All we have to do is learn to accept the opposite premise of each of these lies, which is the truth of the gospels, and all our anxieties vanish. If you meditate on the opposite of each of the above comments about yourself on a daily basis you will soon rediscover your spiritual balance and feel a soaring sense of enlightenment,


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