Internet: Can we Live Without It?

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When I was a kid, (thirty plus years ago), to have a TV set was quite a prestigious thing. It dictated ones status in society. During those days we watch news- which by the way was telecast on the only available channel sharp at 9:00PM -about computers. The one I remember vividly had its memory or CPU occupying a whole room. So it was a highly advanced piece of technology meant for use by only NASA and the like. Not people who had their rooms in one…lol! But then in hardly about a decade from then, they discovered these tiny little chips that could hold memory stored in an entire room full of equipment. Thus reducing storage space. That’s when computer became personal, and they were marketed as PC i.e. personal computer. However at that time we were not among the fortunate few to own one during its inception years, but yes I personally shelled out quite a hefty amount to learn to use one DOS_-come to think of it. Anyway in a short span of time my Bill gates and company came up with windows operating system, and I spent again to learn this system as well. I was always of the opinion that it is necessary to keep in touch with the times. Today I have my thirteen year old teaching me stuff to only about computers and internet, but also mobiles, ipods, iphones ,and what ever other gadget is there .Had I known I had a tutor in him, I’d save all that money and bought myself a PC right then…loll!

The point here is — computers are become so user friendly that even a child can operate and teach his technologiclly-challanged-mom to do so too. Internet therefore is become something that no one can do without. We no longer feel that our near and dear ones on the other end of the planet are far from us. All we need is a PC, headset, webcam, skype, and of-course lots of time, because once there e you never know how time flies and can’t bring yourself to say BYE. Children come from school and log onto face book, to chat with the same kid who was their partner in school, just about ten minutes ago. Grand parents take the pleasure of hearing the Gaga-Gogo of their and kids, they witness the first step, the first word, and every other first. Thanks to internet. Business saves loads and loads of money per year on trips that would have to be taken had it not been for the teleconferences .well thanks to internet’s I think yes life does depend on Internet and I hope those satellites keep orbiting the earth and those servers never crash, because if they do then the earth will literally fall apart.


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