Tips For Making Stale Bread Fresh Again

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You can use stale bread in many ways, for example, for stuffing, croutons, and bread pudding, just cut the stale bread into cubes and put in the freezer.

Instead of pastry, you could use stale bread on a fruit pie, by putting the slices in milk to soak until soft but not soggy, just prepare the fruit you want in your pie, and place it in the pie dish, cover with the milk soaked stale bread, and sprinkle with a little nutmeg, and bake. This goes well with a little custard, and makes a nice dessert out of a seemingly useless item.

If you want to freshen stale bread, or scones, cake, or any type of bread product, put it on a cake cooler in a frying pan, then add a half a cup of water to the frying pan, and place the lid on. You then boil until all the water evaporates, and take the bread out and wrap it in a damp, clean cloth. Place it in a very slow oven for about 20 minutes, and you should have stale bread that is moist again.

The other uses for stale bread are obvious, I love toasted cheese sandwiches, or scrambled eggs on toast. I never throw away my bread until the first signs of mold, and I keep raisin toast in the freezer so it is always fresh. If you have any tips like these, or any other article you would like to share with the world, and get paid for it, join Bukisa.



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