Viglink: What is It, And How Can it Make me Easy Money?

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How does it work? VigLink enables you to get paid for doing what you normally do on your blog or site. Essentially, VigLink works behind the scenes on your blog or site, updating your links to help you receive a commission from many sites. This is useful because your blog probably links to products and services already, but earns you no money. VigLink turns these links into affiliate links so that you receive a commission for any purchases made. It costs nothing to set up, as VigLink takes a small amount of your commission as a fee.

Why can’t I just make my own affiliated links? You can, and this seems appealing at first glance because it allows you to receive your full commission. However, VigLink allows you to cut down on a lot of work. For instance, every site you want to create an affiliated link to will require you to set up an account. You’ll have to manage all these accounts, managing a lot of small payments and special links. VigLink only requires a single account though, which is much easier to manage. Also, it may link you to products or services you never thought offered commissions, or never considered making affiliated links for. Lastly, VigLink updates all of your links, even those in past posts. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you’ve been blogging for years.

What else is on offer? Apart from affiliating your links to over 12,000 merchants, VigLink offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools. These tools not only give you detailed information on where you’re gaining commission from and what you’re helping sell, but also where your readers are going after your blog. These tools are useful even if you don’t expect to sell much.

Ok, I’m almost convinced. Sell it to me. VigLink is quick and easy to set up. If your blog or site advertises and links to a lot of sales site, or you review products, it can quickly turn your links into money-making opportunities. If you already have some affiliated links, for instance on Amazon or other big sites, they are unaffected, earning you full commission. VigLink also monetizes your entire archive without you having to lift a finger. Signing up your friends will gain you a 10% commission on their commissions for one year. And even if you don’t sell anything, you might as well monetize the links you already have, and receive access to a useful analytical tool in the process!

 So why not give VigLink a try today?

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