Iphone 4.0 Review

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New in this iteration:

  • Download one of the thousands of books from the iBook store. If you also own an iPad, you’ll be able to sync them to switch between the two devices without losing your place.

  • Send apps as gifts

  • More robust design

  • Enhanced Game Playing. It has a built-in-three-axis gyroscope that makes the iPhone capable of more precise motion sensing.

  • HD video camera (with flash)

  • Enhanced display (4 times better resolution)

  • Faster processor

  • Front facing camera for Face time video calls

  • Multitasking (also offered on iPhone 3g running OS 4)

  • Organisation of apps within folders to remove clutter form home screen.

So, with all these new features, the question is – should I get one. The answer is, it depends.

The Phone concept – with its iTunes synching and the raft of available accessories, make it by far and away the most popular phone on the market and if you don’t have one and you are due to change phone, then yes this is the best phone out there and by all means go for it.

If you are an existing 3Gs owner, then my advise would be to hold off until you are due an upgrade and install OS4 – this brings many benefits from a software perspective and when the time comes upgrade to the iPhone 4.

Either way with a 3GS running OS 4 or an iPhone 4, you will have a fantastic media and communications device with you and what more could you possibly want?

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