Top British Exports?

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London continues to export its acting talent to America.

Only the very youngest film fans may not have heard of Charlie Chaplin but it is not so widely known that he was born in London,England in 1889. The American Film Institute named him ‘The Greatest Male Screen Legend of All Time’ in 1999.

England’s vibrant capital has since continued to successfully export a steady stream of talent. Elizabeth Taylor , iconic screen legend and famed beauty was born there in 1932.

Each decade seems to offer up another screen legend . Alan Rickman, was born in London in1946 and has to his credit, roles in Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves where he almost stole the show and in Die Hard with Bruce Willis. Gary Oldman was born in 1958 and with roles too numerous to mention but recently in The Dark Knight and playing Harry Potter’s godfather Sirius Black )

Hugh Grant was born in 1960.Again a very popular and busy actor, as well as a successful producer. Just a few examples of his work can be found by watching Four Weddings and a Funeral,About a Boy and most recently Did YouHear about the Morgans.?

The seventies produced Minnie Driver in 1970 and Thandi Newton and Jude Law in 1972.Again all very successful with many roles to their credit.

Finally , another famous name born in London in 1972 is Idris Elba. He has steadily been forging a successful screen career and will star in the thriller Takers due for release on August 27 2010 , also starring matt Dillon and Hayden Christensen . It seems that London has a bottomless pool of acting talent ready to swim across the pond .


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