10 Healthy Foods That Cost Pennies Per Serving

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One of the biggest excuses for not eating healthy foods is the cost of those healthy foods.

But even in these tight economic times, you can eat healthy foods while on a budget. Here are 10 healthy foods that only cost pennies per serving, making them good for you and good for your budget.

In the produce section of the grocery store is the where health foods reign supreme. Price per pound can also give you sticker shock. But a closer examination will reveal some of the health foods in the produce section are only pennies per serving.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber, are high in vitamins A & C, versatile in preparation, and only cost pennies per serving.

Beets also offer high fiber content, vitamins A & C, potassium and other nutrients. Beets are versatile and can be eaten raw in salads, cooked as a side dish, and even come in a canned variety which like raw beets, only cost pennies per serving.

Any legumes, fresh green beans or peas, dried pintos, even canned legumes, are high in protein and fiber. The versatile legume can be severed raw in salads, cooked as a main dish or side dish, even incorporated into recipes, all for pennies per serving.

Spinach won’t make you strong like Popeye, but spinach is a low cost, nutrient packed vegetable. Add spinach to green salads or replace the lettuce on your sandwich with raw spinach leaves, cook and serve as a side dish.

Healthy fruits that only costs pennies per serving are fresh kiwi. Kiwi is rich with vitamins C, E & K.

Fresh oranges are high in vitamin C and rich in potassium. At the cost of 2-3 oranges per dollar, it makes this healthy fruit pennies per serving.

Frozen berries that are rich in antioxidants and pennies per serving, make a delicious topping for plain yogurt which is a good source of calcium. Yogurt also contains probiotics to improve digestive health. A healthy breakfast or snack of yogurt topped with frozen berries will only cost you pennies per serving.

Two low cost healthy foods reside in the canned food section of the grocery store. Canned fish and canned pumpkin.

Canned tuna fish or canned salmon are low cost sources of Omega-3 and protein.

Canned pumpkin is loaded with vitamins, fiber and pumpkin has the health benefit of being and anti-inflammatory agent.

That’s a lot of healthy foods packed into pennies per day.


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