National Community Empowerment Program

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Indonesia has the problem of poverty and unemployment. Poverty in Indonesia can be seen from three approaches, namely natural poverty, structural poverty, and inequality between regions. The issue of unemployment triggered by the low level of more opportunities and job opportunities for the labor force in rural areas. Efforts to tackle must use a multi-disciplinary approach that there empowerment. Empowerment of the right must incorporate aspects of awareness, capacity building, and Utilizing.

Starting from 2007 the Government of Indonesia’s reaction, the National Community Empowerment Program Independent (PNPM Mandiri), which consists of PNPM Mandiri for Rural Areas, PNPM Mandiri for Urban Areas, and PNPM  Mandiri for Special Areas and villages. PNPM Mandiri for Rural Areas is a program to accelerate poverty reduction in the integrated and sustainable. PNPM Mandiri for Rural Areas approach is the development of the Kecamatan Development Program (KDP), which is considered successful. Some of the success of KDP is the form of provision of employment and income for the group of poor people, efficiency and effectiveness of activities, and to foster togetherness and the successful participation of the community.

PNPM Mandiri for Rulral Areas vision is the achievement of prosperity and independence of the poor rural areas. Welfare means fulfilling the basic needs of the community. Independence means able to organize themselves to mobilize resources in the environment, able to access resources outside environment, and manage resources to overcome the problem of poverty. Mission of PNPM Mandiri is:

  1. Increasing the capacity of community and institutional,
  2. The institutional system of participatory development,
  3. The effectiveness of the function and role of local governance,
  4. Increase the quality and quantity of infrastructure facilities and basic social economic community,
  5. Partnership in the development of network development.

In order to achieve the vision and mission PNPM Mandiri for Rural Areas, who developed the strategy is made of poor households (RTM) as the target group, to reinforce the system of participatory development, and develop institutional cooperation between the village. Based on the vision, mission, strategy and developed, then PNPM Mandiri for Rural Area emphasized the importance of empowerment as the chosen approach. Through PNPM Mandiri  for Rural  Areas communities are expected to hammer out stages, namely the principle of independence of empowerment and sustainability, after the stages of learning is done through the Kecamatan Development Program (KDP).


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