Play Games From Chrome Web Store in Your Google Chrome Browser

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Google’s announced Chrome Web Store is essentially an open marketplace for web applications. Chrome web store aims to make it easy for developers to package and release apps or games that can be launched through the Chrome browser. The chrome webs store Google said will be available soon.  The store will be accessible through Google’s Chrome Web browser, which the company said now has 70 million users, up from 30 million in June 2009.

The Chrome Web Store simplifies app purchasing on the web, the way Apple has done on its devices with App store. Consumers can browse a variety of apps while viewing their ratings and reviews and purchase them with a single click, presumably with Google Checkout. The Chrome Web Store will work with any browser, though Chrome users will be able to take advantage of a special built-in app launcher area.

Chrome’s Web Store is expected to launch in the fall of 2010 without in-app payments initially but post launch will have multi-currency support. With a massive user base of 70 million + users, developers could be interested in uploading their game to the Chrome Web Store, especially since the process will be very simple:

1. Create a web based game using your preferred technology
2. Create a wrapper with meta data included to publish on the store
3. Upload the app with required information

Applications will run the gamut of software types, from productivity programs to video games. During the presentation, demonstrations were made of Popcap’s Plants Vs. Zombies, along with a port of LEGO Star Wars called LEGO Star Wars: The Quest for R2-D2. Both games launched immediately, with the Star Wars title running smoothly in full 3D. The devices will only access Web-based software, and Google has said the computers will be able to boot up in a few seconds.



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