Internet's Most Profitable Business – Ebay Dropshipping

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eBay – Ebay is a website that had made people rich and continuity to do so. Many ebay sellers had made quite a amount of money through dropshipping or selling their own merchandises. During the ebook boom many sellers made thousands of dollars selling only ebooks but unfortunately ebay changed it’s digital delivery policy in 2008. Now dropshipping is the most profitable business in ebay and if you are thinking of dropshiping in ebay then there are lot of do’s and don’ts you must follow.  Dropshipping means to buy items directly from a manufacturer and selling it at a retail price in ebay. The major advantage is you don’t have to handle the product. Once you got a buyer in ebay you simply ask the manufacture to send the item to your buyer in this way your are saved from a lot of trouble. The only thing is, the risk associated with dropshipping is imply immense. Scams are everywhere and dropshipping scams are most heard of in the internet.People acting as manufacturers can take the money from you and you may never get the item you asked for. So you need to be overly cautious when investing a penny in dropshipping.Some websites like doba , salehoo are good dropshipping networks which can help you in connecting with the manufacturers and these are all genuine. Sites like urbanload is also a ebay dropshipping company which is meant for ebay sellers.Ebay business is not as easy as it look you have to do a lot of research to know what people are asking for and the items that are being sold for the most. After you have done with the research go to any dropshipping sites which i mentioned above and search for the dropshippers for your items. Once you found your dropshipper, contact them and ask them about the time , cost and packaging of the product . Once you are done with your dropshippers list the item on eBay listing (remember there is an additional listing fee on ebay).List it under the most suitable category and you are done. But the most important part is pricing, when you are pricing an item you should price it a bit higher than your manufacturer if you don’t do that your profit would be minimal . Charge high but don’t exaggerate the price in this way you can do OK in eBay.


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