Cigarette Linkages and Heart Disease

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Relations with the tobacco of the blood lungs have imagined the truth is that the smoking habits of contributors to heart disease and diseases of the blood of other channels. The risk of death from heart disease is 2 to 3 larger than the smoker who does not smoke.


Atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries more prevalent than in the smoker is not smoking. Removing the cigarette into the main reason for the death of a sudden, particularly on those men under the age of 50 years. The risk increases by the equivalent level in the chain, which also experienced hypertension or high blood and the risk of both is the highest in the smoker. Women who take medicines that pregnancy prevention is also strong smoking, may increase their risk of heart attack by up to 20 times. The more you smoke, (and higher tar / nicotine) risk is greater.


Those who stop smoking can expect reciprocal risk of death by heart attack quickly. In the period a year stop smoking, the risk has almost the same people who never smoke. Bancian insurance shows that a person aged 32 years old who do not smoke, can expect live about 7 years longer than a smoker the same age.


Lung cancer, oral cancer, throat cancer: the impact on higher smoker; 90% of lung cancer apply to the smoker. Fever and lung Emphysema: lungs have been damaged by smoke cigarettes more easily and also have less oxygen. Pregnancy and danger to the newborn: mothers who inhale cigarettes to children the dangers of premature birth, infant death or birth weight babies are born is reduced. Mouth disease:  The  smokers  may find disease associated with the dentition and tooth loss.


Poison had been used as insect poison, but its use is now banned because of altitude toxic to humans. Usually the number of cigarettes may contain a limited and not too easy to get. Nicotin is 10 times more Toxic than DDT. These repeated 40 to 50 stems will bring death within a few minutes because of breathing failure. Because of the small amount of nicotine in hisapan once, its effects are not fatal but still dangerous on the heart and blood circulation.


Increase the rate of blood pressure in the heart: to work more strongly. Can enrich atherosclerosis. Can add the channel in blood coagulation. Can disrupt the normal heartbeat.


Toxic gas similar effect of smoke on the train also applies to cigarette smoke. Carbon monoxide in the body to reduce the ability of blood to absorb oxygen from the lungs. This is because the red blood cells (oxygen carrier) prefer to take the carbon monoxide than oxygen. The more you smoke a greater amount of carbon monoxide absorbed into your bloodstream. Remember!


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