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Link weight is a hard thing to understand sometimes, but generally, Google likes to see a gradual increase in the amount of links to a site over time.

Link weight is only one of many algorithms that Google use to determine which are the most popular, highest quality relevant sites to put in their searches.

Some of the other factors are the title, the meta description, and the amount of relevant keywords all through the article. You can read one of my other articles on search engine optimization for more information.

What I want to talk about today specifically, is for those writers here on Bukisa, or any other big website really. If you make links to your articles specifically, that’s probably the best use of your time, as you want them in particular to do well. 

However, if you have some time leftover, and have run out of sites to link to your articles from, go back to your profile page, and make some links to that.

Your profile page directly links to all of your articles, and so if you let a little link weight flow to your profile page, it will spill over a little to all of your articles at once.

The same applies to the home page. If you make a link to, (from a separate domain), you can give a little link weight to every article on the site.

The best way to make easy links is to get the free downloadable browser add-on: Add this. You have to join all the sites to post links on them, but there are hundreds of them, and it makes building the link weight flowing to your articles a little bit easier.

Don’t make a hundred links to the one article or site at once, just build it up over time. Start with the first ones on the list, and work your way down to the end. Some of the sites have lots of users, who click on the links, so it boosts traffic as well.

If you boost the amount of link weight and traffic flowing to your articles, you can get your article off the second page of a Google search, and onto the first, which might make you ten times the money from it, over a lifetime.

Anyway, if you haven’t joined Bukisa yet, sign up below. It’s free to join, and apart from the pay per click rate, ($3.22 US per thousand clicks, they have an awesome three level referral program.

25%, 5%, and 1% of your referral’s article earnings. If you just add your referral link to the end of your articles, you can get hundreds of referrals from one popular article, over a lifetime. Give it a try.




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