Mysteries of The World – Telekinesis

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One of the most puzzling categories within the parasciencesis telekinesis or psychokinesis, an ability demonstrated by certain people who, using solely mental power and concentration, can move and change objects or leave them suspended in space and time. Although this ability may well lie dormant in everyone, only a few people have succeeded in rousing this elemental force of the human mind.


A person who is able to use telekinesis, or psychokinesis, draws on an energy source that is as yet unknown to us. Researchers suggest that everyone who has mastered this mysterious ability creates a particular interaction between their own energy and the energy of the object they are moving.

We are also familiar withmacro-psychokinesis, in which objects are visibly bent, for example what Uri Geller was able to do withspoons and other metal objects. This subject includes poltergeists and ghost sightings, Other related phenomena are the changing of particulars of the past (retropsychokinesis), start fires using mental powers (pyrokinesis), transforming water into ice (cyrokinesis) and manipulating wind (aerokinesis).


in 1934, a gambler approached the psi researcher Joseph Banks Rhine withthe claim that he could fix the roll of the dice. This encounter led Rhine to launch a series of experiments in which the subjects first threw the dice a number of times to provide a statistical basis for comparison. The subjects and groups whom Rhine tested often rolled ‘snakeeyes'(two) far more often than the predicted statistical probability, which suggested to Rhine that they could indeed fix the dice.

Other experiments were designed to show how people could divert water drops withtheir minds. William E. Cox and Dr. Werner F. Bonininvestigated this phenomena withsurprising results. However, Boninalso concluded that we do now know the real reason behind telekinetic events and cannot explain them scientifically. The term telekinesis is often extended to refer to poltergeist phenomena, because people describing poltergeists describe the objects as literally being moved by ‘thehand of the spirit.’


Since the 18th century, people have conducted experiment after psychokinetic experiment in an attempt to prove the phenomenon scientifically. Some observations involved moving tables and glasses; in any case, results clearly showed that certain people were able to manipulate inanimate objects without exerting physical force. In those days, quite a number of people were fascinated by paranormal and extrasensory activities in large part due to the philosophical movement of the Enlightenment. People wanted to redefine scientific, social, and moral parameters while distancing themselves from what they considered to be religious superstition and general ignorance.

Unfortunately, in our day, a tidal wave of fraud has inundated psychokinesis. The perpetrators use methods similar to those of the magicians and trick artists in variety shows. This ensures that the existence of telekinesis remains controversial. Critics of parapsychology constantly refer to the fact that reproducable, and therefore genuine, proof is lacking. They also point out that the more precise measuring instruments become, the smaller the objects are that are moved.

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