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I come from middle class family, and working as journalist in a leading daily. I am leading a decent life along with my wife and a small baby. But, my past life was not so smooth like now, and was a bed of thorns due to my bad habits, especially cigarette smoking.

In earlier days of my college life I was chain smoker, and used to smoke eight-nine cigarettes for a day. I don’t know how I addicted to cigarette smoking. Smoking was fun and quite a thrill for me at the time. But it damaged my body, ruined my relationships, and created a lot of problems for me.

After some days I experienced a pain in my stomach, and consulted doctor for treatment. As days went fast pain was severe, and I was admitted to hospital. After five days of treatment I was discharged from the hospital. That was an Ayurvedic mode of treatment, and the mode of therapy involved intake of two-three herbal drops dissolved in a glass of water, three to four times a day along with hypnotherapy which was done alongside for an hour daily by a qualified Naturopathy and Yoga doctor. Doctor suggested me to drink lots of water which helped to excrete excessive toxin that was present in the body due to smoking.

Gradually I regained my health, but mentally I was not fully recovered. Often I was getting tired. I was upset. At one stage, I had lost my interest in life. Intentionally I alienated myself from friends and family members.

Actually, post-treatment period was very important. Doctor advised me to quit smoking completely. But, I was addicted, and it was very difficult to avoid smoking. Really that was the difficult period of my life. I met one of my close friends who had faced the same problem earlier, and narrated my whole story. In reply, he suggested yoga, according to him that is the best remedy for rejuvenation.

I purchased one book titled Freedom of Body and Mind: Yogasanas, Pranayam and Meditation written by Yogacharya Swami Omkareshwarananda. I started practicing yoga and pranayama (breathing exercise) in my smoking cessation. Later I make it as a routine practice, and still I am doing yoga and pranayama daily.

That helps a lot for me. It gave me the best results and confidence to quit smoking. While practicing I got will-power, and peace of mind. It enhanced my concentration power. Gradually I recovered, and succeed to abandon smoking. Now I am leading a happy life along with my wife and a small baby.

I think we should face the problem whenever it comes to us. Initially it may give pain but this pain is much lower than when this would become a bigger problem. My way of resolving problem is face the problem, try to fix that as early as possible, and do not give any chance to the problem to become a bigger one.


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