How to Train a Parakeet

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Some parakeet has ability to play the bird toy. They can use ladder, walk in a tunnel, and pull the things and others. The bird may entertain you when you are alone.

You should train the bird to get clever bird. You need to be patient to teach the bird. If you have no time, you can buy the clever bird at expensive price.

Here are the steps to train your parakeet:

1. Cut the wing feather. It would not hurt the bird. You should hold the bird than cut the feather. Use the sharp scissor so it will not hurt your bird. You are better to as assistance to hold the bird.

2. Feed them with your hand so the bird will be friendly with you. Put few seed at your hand and try to close the bird. For the first time, the bird must be afraid with you. Someday, they will approach your hand and eat the seed.  You can give them fruit and vegetables, such as, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, caisim, grape, apple, apricot, grape fruit, and more.

3. Let the bird stand in your finger. Offers your finger first, The bird will move from the stand to your finger. Try to move from right finger to right finger. They will move to your finger. It is important to train the skill of the bird. They will be easy to use the bird toys

4. Introduce the parakeet with toys. Put the toys inside the cage. Perhaps they will play the toy.

5. You can teach them to play another bird toys.

NB: Buy the young male parakeet. It is easier to train than the old.

Raise the bird alone in a cage. You will difficult to train budgie in a group. They will play with their group rather than you.

photo source : Josiah’s


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