While She Sleeps

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It is an immense feeling waking up
With the one I loved for so long.
My arms wrapped around her,
And her head resting on my chest.

Her warmth comforts me
As I breathe with her slowly.
No connection can be superior
Than our hearts beating in synergy.

As I laid my eyes on her splendor
It is hard to resist a constant gaze.
I pressed my lips on her cheeks
Gave her a gentle kiss as she sleeps.

Tender breeze blows on her face
My fingers brushed her hair back
Her serene beauty exposed further
The reason I love her all the more

I have dreamed of this for some time.
Now I am laid back on this chair,
My beloved slumbers under my care.
Life can’t get any better than this.


— I made this poem in the early ours of the morning. It was 3:00 a.m. then. I can’t sleep. Thoughts of her keeps lingering in my mind. I tried to preoccupy myself with things to do such as net surfing, watching TV, and movie streaming. However, she still managed to break into my busy mind. Wonderful thoughts of us together keeps popping in my mind. I wanted to escape, for it only brings me torment. Instead, I cherished the time we spent together and sealed it into eternity through my poetry. —


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