Send and email as a text message to a USCellular cell phone

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Sending an e-mail as a text to a cell USCellular cell phone is not difficult at all. Here is the scoop.

All you need is the ten digit cell phone number for the USCellular cell phone you wish to send an e-mail to. Simply type the USC cell phone in as an e-mail address like this  no spaces, dots or hyphens. Type the e-mail message and hit send.

The USC text function will only allow 132 characters in a text message. My USCellular cell phone breaks up anything over that into multiple messages. I have even sent a 100 character e-mail through USC and it becomes two text messages.

According to the USCellular website there is no charge to the receiving USC cell phone for incoming text messages even if they were sent from e-mail.  I find this is a great time saver when compared to going to the USC website to send a text. It also allows you to send a text without grabbing your USC cell phone, say if your boss was watching.

You can go to the USC website and learn all about it through the FAQ section on text messaging. I thought it could not be done for a long time. I have been with USCellular for years and have gotten used to the fact that lots of things are not compatible with the usc service.  The only way I have found to get a ring tone for my USCellular cell phone is to pay for their internet type service and then still have to buy the ring tone. The overall cell phone service is good, but extra stuff like ring tones is kind of like being held hostage by usc.


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