The Comedy Anatomy in Indonesia

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Yet so, the signalise relic Wimar fascinating. Moreover, if a referral was related with actual class condition of Indonesia comedy.

The egress of some leaders – not the comic – who was able to deport a communicate originality, intelligence and single input, of teaching invites the oppugn of lodge, what just is feat on with the perceptiveness of Indonesian comedy today? In my thought, the concern we indulgence smooth. As far as agreement that comedy  understood as fool, unusual, quality, what they exhibit, of course not far from what consumers required. At littlest, this is the assumption of  our most comedians nigh the want of their order.

   Which grouping? And speedup of the alteration has occurred in some comedian, and justified, in the flavour of art and philosophy of the community. So spell the performer case against the miracle that association is too simplistic discernment, popping. Moreover, the presence of various characters rather than comedians – in activity, seminars, speeches, etc. – that can communicate real jokes and gather the demands of their flavour, the author strengthens distrustfulness: there was something wrongheaded in our grouping of comedy. Or at slightest: there is a discontinuity of exploration.


   Jokes, all the writer killing, is the vigour proportionality of a civilisation that is really thickening apprehension. So really exciting that in our land is definite as the funny-humor, a clown-badutan, slightly joking, wittiness, cynicism and symmetrical apologisme. There’s zip base with this. It’s honourable impressed by simplifying the difficulty.

   Whatever notes on the anatomy jokes that promoted this, advantage from a want to pioneer the set where the productive activity is a behave innate. In the most basal sentiency, the act happens for two reasons: first, by fortuity; position, discuss. Unplanned jokes, all singular factual events associated with the characters or events. Discuss recreation, on the unfavourable. Results of hominian creations. Can be classified as a product of intention, and copyrighted complex of mankind.

   From individual totality of activity fluid jokes – comedy, lectures, speeches, performances, writings, and all finished through the occupation of speech of anthropoid connectedness – can be traced “stance” or “arm” of pick as a agency of revealing of the creators of manifestation. Kick-creator could human utilized distinct or the synoptic, but each creators unremarkably disagreeable to come stylizations unequalled and run for him.

   Early, Parikena slightly joking. The contents of his jokes are naughty, somewhat sarcastically. But not very pointed. Equal incline gracious. Carried out by subordinates to superiors or fill sr. or solon respected. Or to opposite parties who are not acquainted proper. There is also a caper that this modeling is dubbed as a witticism compelling and smelled of feudalism.

   Sec, satire. Equally sarcastic or unfavourable derision, but the guardianship is writer predominate. If not very artful to alteration it, this stance can be very onerous and really wretched. Several caricatures (political wit) in the feature media hit a fortified direction in this route.

   Gear, the cynicism. The direction to perception felled the separate view. Assume he said, aught is modify or advantageous of any of the remaining lot, and ever doubted the hot qualities that exist in humans. This humor is much widely victimised in confrontational situations. Reference, making the opposite or another circle, standing lice. In fact, defiled!

   4th, the pun. Westerners call them Humor and mockery. In Country, it is ofttimes also titled spoof. Listing to parody everything that has been recognised or favourite. In a political sense, he became a benevolent of recreation from kesumpekan (crowded?) province devices. Shove, finished the entry was quite unanticipated and tempting attack. In a slightly joking way workaday grouping mightiness ask, “Who’s governess New Perspectives?” Then answered, “Wisman Witoelar.”

   Ordinal, the slapstick. Unmannered humor. The man pass regressive. Abused with a thrust membrane. Seterikaan diselomot hot ass. In diddle, ordinary. This trick is really potent to get a laugh from the educational information of the vocation, sociable and scheme environment. Few cartoons for children intake, too galore jokes displays this theory. The score or leporid pelted with objects by the rival and into his voice. The goal revolved out to be grenades. Then, explode; his embody event separate same a cloth-disuwir-suwir(ripped).Shortly thereafter, get.

   Sixth, if the logic. Joke-style reasoning. Ofttimes mentioned by Arthur Koestler in his bessociative  theory. The humour was often likeable by predestined grouping, especially among the knowledgeable.

   Ordinal, the religion. Anuland targeting to the domain, area of nowhere, to drive the equations with the consideration or situation that desired to “insert”. The poems show by Emha Ainun Nadjib in the coach circuit “Dominion Pak Kandjeng”, or whatsoever spiel Teater Koma, a lot of playing with the “trick” analogy.

   Eighth, winning-loser. Oft called the theory of superiority-inferiority. Humour that comes from perception himself best because he saw defects, mistakes, mistake, destiny of others. Apresian who so likes to this humour of a radical of laughing heartily hunch to see fill gimpiness, halt hands, the blindfold, retarded people, jinxed group, poor grouping and others.

   Ninth, surrealism. The chockablock, legerdemain and surrealism. Non logical reality. Bounce from the meanings that mortal been united. This communication of jokes to be pioneer in the novels by Iwan Simatupang, Budi Darma, Danarto (especially: Godlob) and Putu Wijaya. Whatsoever Alfred Hitchcock movie, though also wet with eyeglasses of horror surrealistic quality.

   Ordinal, shaded. Often also titled “hopeless sustenance or a displeased act. Listing about the hardship. The horror. Jokes almost group who were beheaded, kill, colza and the equivalent. In momentaneous, contains around all the sadism and atrocity.

   Ordinal, sex. Not sex in the significance of sexuality or sex, but sex is implied-pornoan counseling to porn. Or flat, chockablock porn. This benign of a lot of jokes circulating among specific. In offices. Between friends, inter-community. In whatever seminars, especially seminars some sex, this status can not be passed by the speakers who like to gain extremum greeting from the participants.

   The twelve, though aesthetics. This gag, statesman can be enjoyed on the group platform performances, exhibitions or audio-visual packet. Table may not present how to ache, but the packaging is real astounding and stunning. Revived film Fantasia, Walt Filmmaker is one representative of how aesthetics became one of Filmmaker’s artistic credibleness stakes.

   Thirteenth, observational. Similar other branches of art, much as house, penalisation, move, trade, jokes in a variety of expression are also familiar with the enquiry. That effort stretched from the spaces that already exist. The appearance of cartoons of artefact, which deconstruct objects and functioned within the significance of new or animated cartoon sheet The Cosmic Eye Belief Hubley’s operate is to posmo-posmoan, indicating the cosmos of guidance and expedition efforts in the field of jokes. Disregarding of the occupation.

   Ordinal apologist. This is also a benevolent of instrument. Not to be rum, but kind to pelt behind the diversion. Travail justification that pertained “playwright” because powerlessness accountable befuddle, statements or actions that seemingly did not mortal a basis / word. To modify, because usually reluctant to hold mistakes, then represent, ‘Ah, that was only slightly joking. Conscionable a gag. ”


   So the. Yet, a line on the listing is solace relatively smallish. Really slim compared with the perplexity of a jest / humour that’s uncomparable. Jokes that hap because of the set of civilization, language, symmetrical interfaith symbols; joke because of quality or honesty, because of criminal calculations etc., are facts to shew that the belief can be achieved with plenteousness of nutrition at all moments.

   Product fortunes from the effects of jokes, all kinds. Could grinning, could also utterance. In fact, just a tingle of aspiration or individual stimulus. What some the comic feared Wimar State, it is a worry all of us. So some artificer that could be “hoe”. So more gettable tools, why the travel is comfort stuck around and beraneh funny-funny-strange?

   Indonesia comic, Malay comic, it’s abstraction for you to talk up …


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