How To Make Money With Articles And Kontera

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As a marketer I promote my websites and blogs quite extensively using articles that I submit to article directories such as Ezines GoArticles etc. My blog logs show me that I receive a lot of my traffic, upto sixty (60) per cent from article directories.

Now with my articles on article directories I saw that each directory showed advertisements around and through my articles. I wanted a piece of that action because I knew visitors reading my articles will also be clicking on the advertisements. I do not get one red cent and that makes me, well, it makes me feel I am losing money.

Enter SearchWarp article directory. I have been using SearchWarp for many years now and have over fifty articles in the directory. This particular article directory is one of my top 2 article sites that drives traffic to my blogs.

Well I was looking through the back office of my members only SearchWarp page, you know, the menu section and I saw a Make Money button. I went there and found to my surprise that if I have an author rating greater then 5,000 I am permitted to have Kontera ads showing on ALL of my articles.

Here is a quick look at one of my articles on SearchWarp – Swimwear for women. But, before you have a look at it there are somethings to note.

1. Top left in the left side menu bar is your Join Up section. Joining is free, costs you nothing and your submitted articles are approved within 12 twelve hours, not days.

2. See the words that have double lines underneath of them throughout my article? That’s Kontera. If you hover your mouse button over the double underlined word an advertisement box pops up. If a visitor clicks on the advertisement then Kontera pays me a percentage of money they earned for the click from the advertiser.

3. See at the top my name TerryG. Next to it is a number, last time I looked it was 7,000 something. That’s my author authority number and based upon a formula of how many visitors came and read my articles.

Here’s one of my favorite articles for your to view (it will open in a new window). I should have called it Swimsuits For Women but I named it Swim Wear For Women trying to reach a greater audience.

As you can see the article is well formulated and provides some information as well as one text link to the page and the url of my blog in case someone copies it without the embedded links.

When you join SearchWarp look for me, my author name is TerryG and fan me. I will return the favour. Load up your articles and do a good job as with a very good article, your Kontera earnings will soar.

If you want further information on this, please visit my hubpage titled Articles Make Money With Kontera that is very popular on Hubpages.

If you need to make sure you get accepted with Kontera then email me at and I will send you a direct invitation link. This is the easiest way to ensure you get a Kontera account, when referred by another member.



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