Top Work From Home Rules

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There are some people who enjoy the separateness that a work away from home job can provide. There is also the social aspect of the people we meet at work or on the job. Most people though would prefer to be at home where they can control their environment better and usually are more productive. Depending upon what type of business you are in; you may or may not have visitors all day every day. Or you may for the first time ever be all by yourself and it can be a shock to your system because you realize how much influence the outside work environment and people involved played, good or bad.

Know thy self:

No matter what your spouse prefers or other friends and family; this is your work experience and you will be the one who has to either start early or late if you prefer. Do you prefer total silence or music, how about phones and machines running? Start a list of your biggest pet peeves in any work situation and make sure that you take out the ones that you can eliminate. Then list all of the positive aspects that you can add to this endeavor because you have more control over your work environment now.

Children and Family:

The one unprofessional noise that tops all others on the irritating list is a baby crying, children screaming, or pet noises in the back ground while I am talking to a business associate; if your business associates, bosses and customers are ok with that, so be it, Most are not.  Depending on how old the children are it doesn’t hurt to get your children involved if it is actually a feasible enterprise: but don’t think that doing both at the same time is going to work real swift until you have tried it and come up against the tide.

Over Doing It

Whether you have bosses, business associates, clients stopping by at all hours or if you have a desk full of paperwork that you are filling in while relaxing after dinner; you need to track your time. It can seem like a quick email here and there; a couple of phone calls at dinner, etc. but if you don’t keep some type of a schedule or discipline you may suffer from burnout rather quickly and by much surprise.

Working at home is more common now that technology has freed us from being stuck at a work base. Sometimes people have their own business in their home because it makes more sense to do so. Hopefully it really will be the wave of the future because I think if you ask most people they would much rather do their work from home than have to commute, etc.


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