How Long Does it Take to Build a Good Residual Income Writing Articles?

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To determine how quickly you can build a residual income from article writing, you first need to learn how to write a good article.

There is not much point writing an article about an Ipad, because it might get seen by your friends on Bukisa, and on other sites where you post a link to your articles, but you will never get found in a Google search, unless it is very specific.

For example, a bad title would be: How to use an Ipad, and a good title might be, well I don’t really know. That is a keyword that has so many big websites writing about it, that you would have trouble with any title.

My most successful article is: What are the most googled words of all time? I also had a lot of success with: What are the most googled words on Google?

Why this worked, and other titles didn’t, is hard to say, but if you try and pick words that aren’t products, then you will not be competing for the first page of a Google search with big websites.

You need to know about search engine optimization, and not just keywords and links. You need to have a good meta description, that entices a person to click on your article, when they see it in a Google search.

Keep writing articles, and you will have more chance of getting a hit article, that will add to your residual income by a lot. The difference between the residual income of my most successful articles, and my least successful articles is quite a lot.

Sometimes you will get a surprise, like I have a pretty good residual income from one called: Are computers better at chess than a grandmaster?

Just remember that the internet is less than twenty years old, and most of the questions you could ask in a Google search have not been answered, or those articles could be easily beaten by a few extra keywords, and links.

So, getting back to the question I am trying to answer, how long does it take to build a residual income from article writing?

Well, for me personally, I write about two or three articles a day, and at that rate, I would increase my daily residual income by a dollar or two every year. So far it’s forty cents a day residual income, but that keeps coming in every day for the rest of my life (hopefully).

What this doesn’t take into account, is Bukisa’s three level referral program. I have about thirty referrals, and I am getting more every day.

I get a 25% commission of their article earnings, then 5%, then 1%, and out of the thirty, about five or six are writing every day.

I cannot calculate the probabilities, but I do know that my yearly residual income goes up in a curve. For example, I might make an extra $3 a day residual income the first year from the articles I wrote, and my referrals articles.

The next year, there might by two levels of referrals under me, and I might make an extra $10 daily residual income that year.

By the tenth year, I should have filled out my three levels with a whole bunch of serious article writers, and made enough to retire on.

Personally, I already own a house, and I would like to retire in the Philippines, where my money is worth ten times more, due to the exchange rate.

Residual income gives you freedom to stop and start work whenever you want, and if you take it seriously, and work hard, you could build a $100,000 a year residual income in ten years.

You might think it takes a lot of skill at internet marketing, or SEO, to earn that much, but no. You just have to write thousands of articles, with your unique referral link at the end of each one, and you will get lots of referrals building your residual income passively with their work.

It is totally free to join Bukisa, and start building your residual income from article writing. Unlike many other sites, they desperately need your work.

They need millions of pages in English that get found in Google searches so they can advertise on the page. This is why they pay you such a good residual income.

Remember that an ordinary job has no chance of giving you the freedom that a large residual income can, unless you get paid a ridiculous amount per year.

For hundreds of thousands of people, article writing is the best job they could possibly hope for over the long term. Sign up as my referral now, and I will teach you everything I know about building a residual income from article writing on Bukisa.




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