Is Playing Games Just Waste Your Time?

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Bored most of the study? Feel tired after working hard? Entertain yourself by playing on “Play Cool Games”. There are thousands free games of choice, from the action, adventures, sports to much more. Do not delay, start right now! Click here!

The question is, is it true that playing games is good for college students or even the office staff? Compared with the daily activities of a monotonous situation, and sometimes feels too flat or less sensation, then the playing game is an inner experience that is very challenging. There are also many of sensation, especially for new players, where they will encounter many exciting surprises.

Seeing the bid offered by HallGames.Com game, I do not see any real distribution of the age limit. For example consumption for children (up to age 15 epidemic), and adolescents (from age 17 to 20 years) and adults (from age 21 until age 60 years).

All visitors to the website, can directly choose the type of game in accordance with which they liked. This too open access is rather than not contain a serious risk, but also can be very fatal for the development of children’s souls if they are not exactly choose the kind of game. However, for other users, if they can respond appropriately game portion and proportion, so many positive things that they will be achieved for. For example, fighting spirit not to yield an inch ; fighting spirit to always strive for excellence in life, and creating a matchless .

Regarding to this concern, it seemed, it has not been cared  by experts, especially psychologists, to provide notes or recommendations to the games industrialist , that type of game so, should only suitable for certain circles. It’s not different than the other mass media content. There are problems to consider ethics to its existence in accordance with the planned aim.
Meanwhile, the rush of games are so intense and now even been unfolded so wide with the ease of access which is also more loosely, the parents seem nothing powerless. Primarily to monitor and restrict their children. Facility from mobile phones to lower-priced laptops has become a “friend” of children worldwide.

According to me, it’s like when we get physical exercise, recreation, shopping, browsing on the internet , or even working at an office, playing games also need to pay attention and have one thing; the art in applying it. As we know, the art is not only a control but also a boosters behave. By having the art in behavior, someone will always be in a situation full of harmony, and harmony is something natural and healthy condition. So? Playing games is a highly recommended as long as it makes the perpetrator remained normal and healthy. Proper portions and proportions is one of the better way to be kept end up.


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