Reasons Why People Are Dissatisfied With Their Job

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The majority of people tend to really want to make their jobs satisfying and also bring home a decent paycheck. Sometimes we can have that match up and other times not so much. But, one thing for sure is that most of us will have to spend the majority of our time, and lives involved with work activities and if you are dissatisfied with your job it can drain you physically, emotionally and even financially.  

Sometimes the fault lies in the economy and other times we may just be in a very tight position personally ourselves where we have to stay or start a job that really doesn’t fit us at all. When we are forced to make ends meet and we have to just suck it up and stay for a long period of time, it can wear on you. There are some jobs that because of the high pay or great benefits have a reputation of being “unpopular, unwanted, and hard to fill” but again, these jobs will hold people because of the monetary gain. Commutes can play a large role in your job satisfaction also, if you are travelling 2 hours just to get to a so-so job that you aren’t too thrilled about to begin with; then the last thing you want to do is add 4 extra hours a day to the experience.

The reasons most people are dissatisfied with their jobs can seem very specific at times. But, some other reasons can fall under two broad competing concepts:

Lack of:

Lack of Communication

Lack of Respect

Lack of Common Sense

Lack of Direction

Lack of Competent Staff and/or Training

Lack of Proper Air Quality

Lack of Space

Lack of Proper Equipment

Overabundance of:

Overabundance of Noise

Overabundance of Interruptions

Overabundance of Meaningless Meetings

Overabundance of Management

Overabundance of Work to be done

Overabundance of Lay offs

Overabundance of Faulty Equipment

Overabundance of Everyone Being Confused

I am sure you can add quite a bit of your own to these lists; but when you put these lists together it creates huge amounts of stress on employees and also on the company itself. The company itself is made up of employees after all, from the top on down to the last employee on the list; these are “people that make up the company” as a whole.

When the economy is on the up side and companies are hiring it puts the ball in the company’s corner to staff themselves with the best of the best employees. This is the reason that companies will be bending over backwards to keep their best people and treat them accordingly.  But companies are notorious at cutting down to the bone in lean times and that is when you feel the “it’s just good business” line that we are all too familiar with.


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