Double Neck Guitar

It has been two centuries since the creation of the double neck guitar. There are many popular musicians that have used this guitar for a number of reasons. The unique structure of the guitar means that artists can do things that would not normally be possible.


The first commercially manufactured double necked guitar was made by the company Gibson. This guitar was first released in 1958 which was the year that the company introduced a number of iconic guitars. This guitar was not only unique due to the double neck but also the fact that one neck had 12 strings and the other had 6.

This type of guitar comes in a few different configurations. Not all of them are 12 strings and 6 strings. Some of the guitars will have 6 strings on each neck. Most of these guitars are electric although it is possible to get an acoustic one. In the late 1990’s a guitar was made that had an electric/acoustic on

Bass guitars with two necks are a guitar that has been recently produced by manufacturers. The fact that multiple tuning is possible with the double neck would be one of the reasons for this. Having a guitar where one neck is a lead and the other is a bass is also possible.

These guitars are popular with many musicians for a plethora of reasons. Many artists find that they have to change guitars partway through songs and having two guitars in one makes this simple as there is no actual change. However these guitars can be expensive so many musicians cannot use them. In addition to the price the manufacture of many models has been discontinued. The only way you can get them is to order them from a custom store.

The double neck guitar has been around for decades and has become an icon. There are many reasons why people want to use these.

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