How to Use The in Camera Editing Features on The Nikon D80

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One of the best features that Nikon offers on there DSLR’s is the in camera editing features. The basic editing tools are D-lighting, red eye correction, and the trim feature. The best part about using the editing features on your d80 is that it saves the changes as a new jpeg leaving your original.

The first thing you need to do is take a picture.

Once you took the picture Hit he play button to view your image, then hit OK on the lower right side of the camera. This will bring up the editing functions. For this step we are going to try the trim function. Once you hit OK on the trim function use can use the + and – buttons on the lower left to help crop the picture. With the D80 being at 10 megapixels you can zoom in and center the object right on the camera. I use this feature on this shot of a beluga whale.

The next possible in camera editing feature that you might use is the D-lighting feature. If you take a shot inside and even though your flash went off you are still a little darker than you may like, then you might want to consider using the d-lighting function to bring in some light. To do this you click play again to bring up your shot, then OK located on your lower right. This will again bring up your editing tools, click on the d-lighting feature and hit OK. You will have three options normal, moderate, and enhanced. Pick the one the best fits your needs and press OK to save.

The next feature that you can use is the Red-Eye correction feature. Go ahead and bring up your editing tools click on Red-Eye Correction and the camera will automatically remove the red eye and save the picture.


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