Charvel Guitar

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The Charvel guitar is a popular brand of guitar that was created by Wayne Charvel. They gained their popularity when the rock band Van Halen used the guitar. Then other popular rock bands began using the guitar such as KISS, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister and other famous groups.


The original Charvels were excellently crafted instruments. The stood out from other rock guitars in the shape and style. The quality was also exceptional. There’s also Charvel designs that are custom made. These guitars were better known for their Strat shaped bodies and shot necks. Most rockers would nickname these guitars “superstrats”.

Wayne Charvel sold his company in 1978 to Grover Jackson. Jackson expanded the brand and introduced the Concorde. This was a very uniquely styled guitar that was not the same as the typical electric rock guitars. They were named after the designer and were called the Rhoads guitars. They were a millionaire.

As the Charvel company grew, so did the different models of guitars. There were different models of guitars created under the different series the brand carried. The basic series were Classic, Fusion and Contemporary. Each possesses his own unique style. Some guitars cost more than others but the quality is all top-notch.

Custom made guitars are available under each series. These cost more as they are custom creations. Custom designed guitars come in a varied price range. They can cost from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. The Charvel brand has guitars pre-made and custom made that are manageable for most budgets.

Certain series of the Charvel guitars are still very popular. The company is not as popular as it was in the late seventies but which have been working on building their brand. They have introduced high quality Japanese and American made guitars. One of their most popular models is the Journeyman. Lots of the original designs of the Charvels are probably the most sought after guitars on the planet.


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