Traditional Taste of Onam Festival

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Onam is a special festival meant for taste and traditional dishes. It is a festival celebrated for ten days, each day meant for each special dish. Thiruvonam day is the culmination day of the festival which includes maximum varieties of dishes. Rice is the main item, to be eaten with innumerable dishes. The number of such varieties makes the sadya (feast meals) most enjoyable. Most of these items are vegetarian, although nowadays in some parts in north Kerala non-vegetarian dishes are served.

Kaalan is an inevitable dish item of Onam feast. The recipe of Kaalan is given below.


Buttermilk           -300 ml (not much sour)

Ghee (cow)           -20 g

Coconut oil           -10ml

Turmeric powder -6g

Fenugreek powder-5g

Pepper powder      -20g

Cumin seed            – 2g

Mustard                  -10g


Raw banana            -100g

Yam                        -75g

Coconut                   – one

Salt, curry leaves     – as required

Method of preparation

De-skin yam and banana and cut them into medium size cubes. Boil these two in water with turmeric, pepper and salt. When the water is reduced add half of the ghee. Then add buttermilk to it and keep it in the simmer stage. Grind grated coconut, cumin seed to a fine paste and add it to vegetable mix and simmer it for a few minutes. Heat the oil in a separate pan and put mustard seeds in it. When it splutters, add some curry leaves and season it with the vegetable mix. Heat the remaining ghee and add fenugreek powder to the curry mix along with the remaining curry leaves. Taste if the salt is okay. Now the Kaalan is ready to be served.  


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