Tennis Player Profiles: Novak Djokovic

Currently ranked as the world’s third best tennis player, Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic at just 23 years of age have already reached his own pinnacle in the sport of tennis and have already made a name for himself amidst the colossal admiration tennis fans have over his more popular brethren such as Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova.

Djokovic started playing tennis at age four and from then on he was spotted and mentored by tennis greats such as the likes of Yugoslavian legend Jelena Gencic and Croatian superstar and highly-regarded tennis coach Niki Pilic. With the help of these former greats, Djokovic’s game developed and grew by leaps and bounds.

At age fourteen, Djokovic started to participate in international tournaments mainly in countries such as Serbia, Russia, Yugoslavia and elsewhere in Europe. He played in singles, doubles and team competitions — a determinant that shaped his flexibility in playing tennis.

In 2005, the then 17-year-old tennis sensation had his first appearance in a grand slam tournament against arguably the greatest tennis player of all time (based on this author’s history book) Marat Safin. As expected the young Djokovic lost against a highly-favored Safin. However, youngster’s performance paved the way for gretaer things ahead of him.

Needless to say, it showed glimpse of Djokovic’s huge potentials.

The year 2006 became the turning point of Djokovic’s short yet already celebrated career. Despite adversities surrounding his family life, Djokovic remained clam and jolly in the tennis court as he penetrated within the top 40 world rankings at the early part of the year and moved passed in the top 20 mid-year, courtesy of brilliant performances including a quarterfinal appearance at the prestigious French Open tournament.

In 2007, Djokovic further shook the foundations of tennis as he reached the finals of the US Open only to lose to number one seed Roger Federer in an exciting finals match up between the young and upcoming talent against the battle-tested veteran champion.

The following year saw Djokovic’s first grand slam title. He smoothly cruised to the semifinals of the Australian Open where he met Federer in another grudge match. This time the veteran succumbed to the youngster’s pressure, paving the way for a Djokovic’s finals ticket against unheralded Jo-Wilfred Tsonga — a match that catapulted Djokovic’s name as one of the world’s finest tennis players.

Since then, Djokovic consistently performed above par and amazed both regular fans and sports analysts.

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